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5 tips for Running Injury-Free


20161004_1506321) Get a chiropractic check:

Make sure all pistons are firing properly before you start running! Any limited and/or abnormal joint motion will cause unhealthy compensatory patterns, inevitably causing injuries. Chiropractic care ensures your spine and joints are in alignment so that proper nerve-joint and nerve-muscle communication happens.

2) Do Spinal Hygiene Exercises:

Yes you saw it right – HYGIENE! Just like you brush your teeth daily to prevent tooth decay, do your spinal hygiene exercises to prevent spinal decay. These exercises move your vertebrae in all the planes and directions it was naturally designed to. This will decrease any chance of degeneration and scar tissue formation around the joints, increase physical mobility, and improve nerve system communication to your joints and muscles. For spinal hygiene exercises, follow our video here.

3) Balance your training schedule – include core stability and muscle stretching:

Make sure you are balancing out the running with activities that encourage muscle lengthening and core work. Great examples of muscle lengthening exercises include yoga or simply some stretching (especially with a foam roller!). For core strengthening exercises that target the transverse abdominus muscles without injuring your neck, follow our video here.

4) Good running posture:

While you’re running, be sure to remember your form – shoulders down and head up! Maintaining good posture will decrease stress to your body, reduce fatigue, and minimize wear and tear.

5) Build mileage and speed with a logical training schedule:

Over-training can cause injury so be sure to create a schedule that builds your mileage and speed incrementally. Many different running websites or clubs have smart schedules already created.


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