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Custom Orthotics for South Granville

Why You Might Benefit From Orthotics

Orthotics help South Granville community life an active life.Proper foot biomechanics is essential for correct body movement, alignment and function. Dysfunctional joints, muscles, or tendons within the feet may cause disruption in foot mechanics. Which in turn can cause biomechanical compensations in the knee, hip, and/or low back. As a result you might experience pain and discomfort throughout your entire body.

Custom foot orthotics are fabricated inserts worn inside shoes, to support and improve alignment and function of the feet. This provides cushioning and redistribution of force during ground contact, which most importantly helps to ease your pain and relieve stress from the spine.

Are Orthotics Right For You?

To determine if custom orthotics are warranted, we will conduct a thorough history and physical examination. This will include a structural and functional analysis of your gait, along with orthopedic testing to determine the support your feet are providing, and if orthotics can help. Customized professional orthotics can then be carefully constructed for your needs.

The cost for custom orthotics is $450. You do not need a GP referral. Many insurance plans cover the cost of custom orthotics.

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